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You have questions; we have answers.  There are few things that can directly affect your family’s quality of life or business’ ability to function more quickly and drastically than a damaged roof.  We live, work and play with the confidence that our loved ones are protected from the elements.  However, when the integrity and safety of our roofs come into question, life-threatening problems are literally hanging over our heads.


At Clear Skies Restoration, we’re here to remove any sense of worry you may have and restore your confidence and quality of life.  We know that roofing and home repairs can be overwhelming at times.  This is often compounded by the challenges of having to navigate the red tape and bureaucracies of insurance companies who are often designed to pay out as little towards claims as possible.  Rest assured, we’re here to help.


We specialize in Insurance Claims.



Our experts will assist with assessing your needs and communicating with your insurance company.  Our “Simple 7” process outlines the steps we’ll follow together to make this a hassle-free experience.



Clear Skies Simple 7:



Step 1. CALL CLEAR SKIES:  Your personal Clear Skies Claim’s Specialist will come out to your property to meet with you and perform a free inspection.


Step 2. CLEAR SKIES WILL ASSIST YOU IN FILING YOUR CLAIM: Your personal Clear Skies Claim’s Specialist will assist you in calling your homeowners insurance company and filing a claim.


Step 3. CLEAR SKIES WILL MEET WITH YOUR INSURANCE ADJUSTER:  Once the claim has been reported, an insurance adjuster will contact you directly to schedule a date and time for them to complete a property inspection and evaluate the damage.  Once you have this information, call your Clear Skies Claim’s Specialist and we will be on site with you to meet with the adjuster.  We are there to protect your interests and make sure the all damage gets assessed properly so that your home is restored to pre-storm condition.  Our thorough assessment makes sure all areas of your property likely to be damaged in storms have been inspected and all damage is included in the insurance adjusters estimate. If the insurance adjuster has left anything out we will correctly rewrite and resubmit the claim.  Remember, the adjuster has been hired by the insurance company.  We’re there to serve you.


Step 4. YOU AND CLEAR SKIES WILL PLAN AND SCHEDULE YOUR RESTORATION: Your personal Clear Skies Claim’s Specialist will provide you with samples and product information so you can make the best choice for the restoration of your property. The restoration will then be scheduled at the soonest available time.


Step 5. RESTORATION DAY:  We show up with our crew to complete the planned work – you do nothing.  Most jobs can be completed in one day with minimal disruption to your life.


Step 6. COMPLETION:  Once the project is completed you will receive a certificate of completion that contains our warranty guaranteeing our labor for five years.  This certificate will also be faxed to your insurance company so that the claim can be completed and the file can be closed.


Step 7.  CLEAR SKIES REFERRAL PROGRAM.  Our best form of marketing is word of mouth and we know you won’t recommend us unless you’re happy.  That’s why it’s our job to make you happy.  We hope in return you’ll tell your family and friends about us.



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We have a great deal of experience working with high-value homes.  We understand the unique demands and attention-to-detail these homes require.

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